Piggy banks

I really want to push myself until I learn to make great:
1. Infographics
2. Illustrations
3. Hand-drawn type

I’m incredibly lucky that employer has allowed me to really explore #1. I’ve made five infographics since starting at Bussolati, which is incredible considering the short time span and their trust in me.

I’m also really lucky to have some amazing outlets for #2, one of which is my work with Community Ladders. They’re releasing a bi-weekly newsletter, which requires me to conceptualize finance-related illustrations executed in a 120px*120px space. Here are some of the images I came up with for the upcoming issue. All of these deal with the theme of Savings.

Next up, hand-drawn type! Look out for a separate post around Monday. I have some projects brewing.

In other news, I have discovered Emiliano Ponzi and I. Want. To. Be. Him. His beautiful illustration style, impressive list of clients, and beautiful simplicity in the portrayal of clever  ideas are everything I aspire to have. Good work, my man, good work.

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