Hello, LetterCult!

Matryoshka 8

As I previously mentioned, I’m trying to get my type skills in order. I know that practice is the only way to get good at something, so I’m forcing discipline through submissions to compilations such as the Alphabattle on LetterCult. Today they posted my first submission!

The idea is that participants submit interpretations of a chosen character every week. This week’s is “8”.

Matryoshka 8

There’s something inherently nurturing and feminine in the forms of the 8, and my solution played with a matryoshka form. I’ve also played around with other solutions, such as a snowman:

Snowman 8In the end, it was just too bland.

And a few other ideas that never made it past the sketch phase because I ran out of time. Once again, I was thinking about the ideas of nurture and love, so my solutions had to do with motherhood and lovers linking hands.

Sketches 1

Sketches 2

Please ignore the snake-head woman on the left. I have no idea what part of my subconscious that monster thing came out of.

See the rest of the 8 submissions here.

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