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Mmm, monsieur!

I love my Courbet. Enough to rip out pages from a thrifted art book and frame them.



At Bussolati, we work with HSUS’s Animal Sheltering magazine. How cute is their false cover re: subscription renewal??

I enjoy this.



Brookstone packaging is surprisingly nice.

Happy New Year!

TJ’s holiday craftsters.


This time of year, Trader Joe’s shopping bags come decorated with things you can cut out and use during the holidays, like gift tags and patterned garland strips. Cute. Very in line with the brand.

Organized neatly.


Hello Whole Foods, thanks for the view.

Telescopic mascara from L’Oréal.


It’s a little telescope!

Public enemy no. 2.

Public enemy number 2

Aw. Notice the delicate balance of priority between the dog poop story and the Turkish earthquake story.

Still makes me laugh.


This is a postcard ad that I picked up in a Moscow hostel over a year ago. Hiiiilarious.