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Hi I’m Anna and I take Bauhaus for granted.

anna-tulch-take-Bauhaus-for-grantedI really do.

A couple of weeks ago, our studio’s co-creative director sent us junior designers to the National Gallery of Art. Our mission was to check out the Bauhaus in print exhibit and report back (aka avoid being bored to death on a slow rainy day in the studio).

I really wanted to come back inspired, ready to design something with a nod to one of the most important movements in graphic design history. Yet I really can’t help but continuously see Bauhaus as…meh. Just meh.

When I was in Berlin, I got to go to the Bauhaus museum. And even there, Bauhaus was just meh. I liked the lightbulbs with wires shaped into wings. That had nothing to do with Bauhaus. It was just cute.

Are young designers like me just spoiled into having no appreciation for the movements that shaped how we (and the rest of the world) think about composition, shape, color and design in general? Or is it really not a big deal? Did I just lose the privilege of thinking of myself as a real designer?


Image: Theo van Doesburg, 1883-1931, Grundbegriffe der neuen gestaltenden Kunst, Munich, 1925, National Gallery of Art Library, David K. E. Bruce Fund


Yeah, I’m just spoiled.


Another day.


I wish I would be as energetic when I come home at night as when I get to work in the morning.