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Community Ladders

Community Ladders is a great example of an organization that does a great thing on a shoestring budget. Helloooo vistaprint deals!

The main site is still in the works branding-wise, but Twitter and Facebook have come along well.

Below is the series of milestone images I’ve recently created for the Facebook page:


Tunes for the heart.

I created these save the dates for good friends who wanted to combine a bit of whimsy with their  Irish and Russian roots, as well as their love for awesome love song mixes.

Done with undergrad design


I turned in my assigned self-promotional piece, and so was done with my undergraduate art degree. Bittersweet.


These are hand-bound sketchbooks with a promo sleeve wrapped around the front cover. An envelope holding business cards, a letterhead, and a resume is inserted into the sleeve.

The photos, unfortunately, had to be taken on my phone. The sad part is that it’s the highest-resolution camera available to me at the moment. One day, one day…