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So excited to be working on wishsoup!

And thank goodness for the wonderful YourCompany theme, the pre-launch site is coming along splendidly.

Am I a good designer?

Am I a good designer?

Well, that depends entirely on you, my dear client.

If you respect me, my work, my time, and my advice, I will reward you with an undying passion. For a designer, undying passion translates to great work.

But if you hire me because you think your business is somehow doing me a favor, if you hire me to be nothing more than the hands that execute your pre-formed perfect little idea, if you set out to manipulate me, if you think my field in general doesn’t require the same grit and mental capacity as yours, then, my dear client, then I will give you work that is disappointing to you and to myself. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just the endless cycle of shit upon shit upon shit.



Illustrated as a designer at Bussolati Associates.

Bussolati Hearts Our Clients

Bussolati sends out a yearly corporate gift to its clients on Valentine’s Day. Each year, the theme is “Bussolati Hearts Our Clients”, consisting of a package with wine and chocolates to say our thanks. I got to develop and design the 2012 interpretation of the theme.

This project was a lot of fun–from brainstorming as a team to come up with 48 different things that we think everyone could learn this year, to developing a crazy, dense, and engaging layout to tie all those things together stylistically.

Taylor Gourmet

Because I’m a living, breathing human, I love Taylor sandwiches. It’s probably unhealthy how much I love Market Street.

I also love their design, the way the menu looks, the feel of the interior.

Great menu design! // Taylor Gourmet


The kerning is a bit funny // Taylor Gourmet

What’s up with that kerning? (If you need some practice yourself, reader, play)



At Bussolati, we work with HSUS’s Animal Sheltering magazine. How cute is their false cover re: subscription renewal??

I enjoy this.



Brookstone packaging is surprisingly nice.

Happy New Year!

Magazines shmagazines.

Even I thought I’d never get around to actually posting about what I do at Bussolati Associates. Here’s a very small part: I design some layouts for publications like ACC Docket, the magazine for the Association of Corporate Counsel.

my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Crisis-Averted-1my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Crisis-Averted-2my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Impact-1my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Impact-2my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Gender-Identity-1my498-Anna-Tulchinskaya-ACC-Docket-Gender-Identity-2It’s a really great publication to work for.

TJ’s holiday craftsters.


This time of year, Trader Joe’s shopping bags come decorated with things you can cut out and use during the holidays, like gift tags and patterned garland strips. Cute. Very in line with the brand.